Poros Coaching Retreat 

MAY 2019

>> Do you want to discover what you find really important in life?

>> Are you at the start of a new phase?

>> Do you want to choose again  what life you want to live?

>> Are you looking for new challenges in your work or your life?

>> Do you have the feeling that you regularly run by?

>> Do you want balance your life and are you looking for insights and clarity?

Make time for yourself to explore your full potential and come to the Coaching Retreat at Poros.

About me


As a change- and interimmanager I earned my stripes at various companies. I can help people become more conscious of their own power and responsibility, effect on others and setting clear goals towards development. True connection with yourself and others creates sustainable results.

As a coach I guide you to see your own potential and how to take actions to live life fully, powerful and gentle. Together we will focus on letting go of fears or barriers, holding you back.

When you learn to truly explore and look inwards, you will be able to experience a deep freedom and happiness, on which you can rely throughout your life.

You will (literary!) feel the energy flowing again, and can take on the world!

People really inspire themselves to learn to look at themselves, because they are worthy to be seen and thus learn to see themselves, your qualities and what you are. What you want to bring in this life?

When you dare to look at yourself from your vulnerability, without stories of yourself, you learn to live fully, to breathe freely and without fear!

Really looking, without judgment, appreciative and then daring to let go, like the faded dandelion. Then it really starts, as the seeds begin to multiply as you may share and let people enjoy what you are, and live. Full of passion

Coaching & Bodywork

You are guided in a professional and inspiring way in your search for answers to questions you have. We have chosen to strengthen each other.


The combination of coaching and bodywork are the perfect mix. Listening to your body, seeing and especially feeling what you want to look at gives that room that makes it * clear * and is the basis for a week full of insights, inspiration and new energy.


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Photo's made by Annette Spaan