Poros Coaching Retreat

5 -12 May 2018

Do you want to discover what really is important in your life? Are you looking for new work challenges? Are you looking for new goals in your personal life?

Do you want to choose again what life you want to live?

Make time for yourself to explore your full potential and come to the Coaching Retreat at Poros.


Loes Geurts and Anne Marieke Baaijens will guide you during this week to make this learning journey.


Out of your head,

into your heart

Away from 'normal' life opposit of the idyllic, sunlit Greek island of Poros, you will discover your true potential.


You are guided in a professional and inspiring way in your search for answers to questions you have. We, Loes and Anne Marieke, have chosen to reinforce each other. The combination of coaching and bodywork is the perfect mix to explore yourself, listen to your body, seeing and especially feeling what your next step is in life.


Relaxation and real attention to yourself gives you *clearance* and space for a beautiful week full of insights, inspiration and new energy.


Meditation, yoga, Rebalancing massage, culture and nature contribute to a great personal journey. This Retreat is the ideal combination of learning, relaxing, enjoying delicious and healthy food to take your next step.

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Do you want to take the next step in your life in a wonderful environment? Are you ready to take a step back, and unlock your potential?

Then sign up for our Poros Coaching Retreat. If you would like more information please contact us as well!