This week you discover:

> What is really important in life 

What stops you from making your dreams come true

> How to recognize and break trough obstructive patterns

> How to make the right choices for yourself

How you can better listen to your body.

Poros Coaching Retreat 

May 2019

Away from 'normal' life on the idyllic, sunlit Greek island of Poros, you will discover your true potential.The combination of coaching and bodywork are the perfect mix and form the basis for a week full of insights, inspiration and new energy.

Glamping in the Greek sun

A true hidden gem, the olive grove on the beach, with luxury tents and great beds. Our own beach to meditate, by the sea, at sunrise, in peace and really in connection with nature. This contributes to a relaxed week full of peace, insights and inspiration.

Meditation, yoga, Rebalancing massage, culture and nature contribute to a great stay. This is the ideal combination of a week of relaxation, delicious healthy food and more insight into yourself to take your next step.

Program and price

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Photo's made by Annette Spaan